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All copyrights are monitored, protected, and enforced by the Artists Rights Society (A.R.S., NEW YORK). The A.R.S. determines applicable royalty fees when permission for the commercial-use of images of the artist’s artwork has been granted.

Artist’s Rights Society


536 Broadway, 5th Floor
New York, New York 10012
212-420-9163 |


The William A. Noguera Trust’s Executive Director, Melissa Ysais, is the sole agent representative—given the power and authority to appoint intermediaries to represent intellectual property created by the artist.

A list of authorized dealers/re-sellers has been appointed by The Trust to advertise, display, exhibit, feature, market, promote, publish, represent and/or sell original artwork created by artist William A. Noguera. This list is not inclusive.


  • 1. Elder Gallery Of Contemporary Art | Telephone: 704-370-6337 (EST)
    1520 S. Tryon Street – Charlotte, North Carolina 28203
    Sonya Pfeiffer, Gallery Owner


An unauthorized dealer/re-seller is the term for a vendor offering to sell reproductions or limited edition prints who is not an Authorized Dealer or Re-seller. Former gallerists, curators and art agent representatives of the artist and his work do not possess copyright or licensing privileges of any kind. If any dealer/re-seller makes such claims, please contact The Trust or The Artists Rights Society (A.R.S., NY)  for validation. Often times, these unauthorized dealers have multiple intellectual property copyright infringement offenses.


The William A. Noguera Trust ‘Certificate Of Authenticity’ is a uniquely designed system used to protect the work against forgery while maintaining its integrity and value. Reproductions and Limited Edition prints that are purchased over the internet or from an unauthorized dealer gallery/store location are illegal counterfeits and cannot be evaluated or authenticated.


A list of unauthorized dealers/re-sellers has been identified and are not authorized to advertise, display, exhibit, feature, market, promote, publish, represent and/or sell William A. Noguera reproductions or limited edition prints, online or at their gallery/store location. This list is not inclusive.


  • 1. Camorra Fine Art, San Francisco, CA
  • 2. Institute For Unpopular Culture (IFUC), San Francisco, CA
  • 3. La Galerie Internationale, Redwood City, CA
  • 4. Megapix Imaging, San Francisco, CA
  • 5. Santa Fe Artworld, Santa Fe, NM
  • 6. Studio Renot | Atelier Renot, San Jose, CA

Original pieces of artworks displayed on this page are classified missing: currently their whereabouts are unaccounted for and unknown. The Trust wishes to establish the location of these original artworks that are gone from our catalogue collection.

Contact The Trust if you have any knowledge or information, or if you presently retain possession, ownership or control of any one of these missing pieces: your cooperation and assistance is greatly appreciated.


Echo, 2005

Moved To Tears, 2005

Divine Proportion, 2006

Ghost In The Material, 2006


William A. Noguera original artwork and/or reproductions are available for purchase at the Elder Gallery of Contemporary Art. | Telephone: 704-370-6337 (EST)
1520 S. Tryon Street – Charlotte, North Carolina 28203
Sonya Pfeiffer, Gallery Owner

The William A. Noguera Trust is a private trust and sole owner of all original artwork created by William A. Noguera. All artwork is registered with the United States Copyright Office and protected under its governing national and international laws with All Rights Reserved. The Trust is not a business, dealer, marketplace, re-seller/retailer, does not earn sales, profit or income and is in strict compliance with the state board of equalization, as well as state and federal tax regulations.

Purveyors of Contemporary and/or Fine Art: a reminder of your ongoing obligation to distribute royalties to The William A. Noguera Trust for the resale of any original artwork pieces created by William A. Noguera’s which qualify under the California Resale Royalty Act – California Civil Code §986, and held legally accountable for under California Penal Code §528-539. Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.


The Trust is often asked to estimate a value and examine paintings, prints/reproductions, or other works of art that are said to be created by William A. Noguera. As a matter of policy, The Trust does not provide evaluations nor do we recommend specific art appraisal services. Noted below are organizations who specialize in this field. These groups may be able to assist individuals needing additional information, however, this does not represent a referral by The Trust or an endorsement of their guidance and/or services.

Although The Trust is unable to provide monetary valuation appraisals, we are able to assist by validating the authenticity of originals, prints/reproductions, or other works of art that are said to have been created by William A. Noguera. So that we may provide accurate confirmation, specify as much information as possible using these suggested guidelines.

  • 1. Title

    artwork name

  • 2. Date

    artwork creation date

  • 3. Inscription

    wording or markings on artwork

  • 4. Type of artwork

    original or reproduction

  • 5. Location of purchase


  • 6. Purchase price

    amount paid to seller

  • 7. Date of purchase

    buyer purchased from seller

  • 8. Photograph of artwork

    front and verso