William A. Noguera's Portfolio


This is the OFFICIAL website legally authorized, owned and operated by The William A. Noguera Trust.

The Trust is responsible for the legal rights and interests of William A. Noguera; the Trust works to preserve and exhibit his visual art and literary works; to make viewable to the public his personal and most powerful collection; as well as being the only source of most accurate information about the life and work of William A. Noguera.

The Trust showcases the complete catalogue of William A. Noguera artwork; from his award winning hyper-realistic neo-cubist drawings and montages to his neo-constructivist wall sculptures and hybridized style of abstract paintings.

The William A. Noguera Trust is a private trust and sole owner of all original artwork created by William A. Noguera. All artwork is registered with the United States Copyright Office and protected under its governing national and international laws with All Rights Reserved. The Trust is not a business, dealer, marketplace, reseller/retailer, does not make sales or income, and is in strict compliance with the regulations of the State Board of Equalization, the State Franchise Tax Board, and the Internal Revenue Service.

The William A. Noguera Trust is in accordance with the State of California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation Code of Regulations Title 15.


In our continuous effort to make viewable to the public Noguera’s most powerful work; The Trust proudly designates the Elder Gallery of Contemporary Art as gallery representative—the only authorized source for original works created by the artist, available for purchase at ElderGalleryCLT.com

The Trust works exclusively with Elder Gallery of Contemporary Art for the exhibition and sale of Noguera’s art. These works are available only through the Elder Gallery of Contemporary Art. View Noguera’s Elder Gallery artist page here.


The William A. Noguera Trust is a private trust dedicated to being an extension of Noguera’s altruistic vision, rehabilitation, obligation to accept responsibility for his past actions, paying his debt to society, and encouraging others to make progressive self-change.

In striving to help others through lectures at MBA programs, as a mentor and guest-speaker to students, Noguera emphasizes cultivating high moral standards, integrity, and ethical decision-making when faced with the diverse societal challenges of today’s world. During these lectures, a private virtual art exhibition may also be presented.

As a radio guest-speaker, Noguera concentrates on intervention and prevention in order to be a positive influence. In a continued commitment in reaching out to charitable foundations, Noguera aims to serve a higher purpose as an inspiration to others.

The William A. Noguera Trust with Melissa Ysais, Executive Director and lifelong friend, is unconditionally dedicated to assisting in this ongoing endeavor —his commitment to rehabilitation and venture for the world to see his art.